It happened many years ago,
When pilgrims sailed from Plynouth Ho.
The trip was long,
But they were strong,
And sailed the ocean wide.

They landed on this land of ours,
With many cheers and loud huzzahs.
But winter slew,
This valiant crew,
So many fell and died.

But they were saved by those who saw,
By redskin brave and native squaw.
This caring few,
Their plight just knew,
And food for all supplied.

Turkey, corn, potatoes, yams,
With quail eggs, oysters, even clams,
The food was new,
But got them through,
And famine was denied.

So letís remember on this day,
Sing prayers of thanks, and words that pray,
To those who give,
So others live,
Thereís nothing else beside.