This Thanksgiving was such a treat.
We had so many things to eat.
The table setting looked so neat,
When we sat down to dine.
With turkey, ham and pumpkin pie,
We didn’t have to wonder, why,
It was enough to make one cry,
The table looked so fine.

We all sat down and said a prayer.
For everybody gathered there.
There’s nothing else that can compare,
With this Thanksgiving day.
And then the food was ladelled out.
As everyone all gave a shout.
There really never was a doubt,
With what was on display.

We talked about the year gone by,
Until we reached the pumpkin pie.
Then everybody gave a sigh,
After eating such a meal.
And then those people gathered round,
Gave thanks for all the friends they’d found.
That helped them when they’d run aground,
To laugh and help them heal.

If only we could be this way,
Not once a year, but every day.
Give thanks to everyone, and say,
“I’m glad you are my friend.”
The world would be a better place,
With sniles on everybody’s face.
For we’re all in the human race,
From now until the end.