I looked up in the sky and saw
A flock of crows that went “Caw.Caw”.
And I have often wondered why
They make that goddamn awful cry!
Of course, they never learned to sing,
Like other birds upon the wing,
They’re just supposed to be so smart,
To hear them crow just breaks my heart!
They scavenge here and scavenge there,
Don’t give a damn, don’t have a care.

But they don’t need to sing for food,
Even if we think they should.
They make do with what they get,
And no one keeps them as a pet.
Their cousins though are smarter still,
Jakdaws and Ravens eat their fill,
And know that they can get along
With humankind, and still be strong.

These clever birds have figured out
Just what this life is all about.
We think it’s cute to hear them speak
In words of wisdom with their beak.
And then we give them treats for fun,
But who is really number one?
They eat and drink just all the time,
And never have to pay a dime.
They don’t pay taxes to the State,
And that’s just one thing we all hate.

So who’s the smart one here and now,
I think we have to say “The crow”!