In March, 2008, the RSSG held a meeting to raise money for members of the Gurkha Regiment (who are not covered by standard British Military Retirement packages). This poem was read out at the meeting.


In Eighteen Hundred and Seventeen,
The Pindaree War had just begun.
But Gurkhas rose upon the scene,
And put the rebels on the run.

Again in Eighteen Twenty Six,
The Gurkhas went into the mix.
The Sikh Wars followed, and they fought
Without a murmur or a thought.

The Sepoy Mutiny followed next.
Again the Gurkhas won the test.
Then Hindu Rao’s house was held,
For three long months, though scores were felled.

In both World Wars they served this land.
There never was a prouder band.
Malaya writhed in anguished pain,
And Gurkhas were called out again.

The Falklands and the Gulf War too,
Have seen the Gurkhas follow through.
If courage is in short supply,
These short men only question “Why”?

These men are short but brave as hell.
Our honour they’ve defended well.
So please show thanks for all they’ve done,
And give them their place in the sun.