I知 looking at the Internet,
And having so much fun,
I知 working hard, but do not fret,
I致e only just begun.

With hypertext and google,
And search engines so wide,
There痴 nowhere in this whole wide world,
That anyone can hide.

I think I値l make a URL,
A Home Page I will make.
I値l tell the world about my life!
About the give and take.

Then maybe someone out there,
Who remembers me from yore.
Will read what I am writing,
And will gladly tell me more.

And then I値l add a few more links,
With tendrils stretched so far.
My web grows so enormous,
That I値l have to raise the bar.

The journey that I値l go on,
Has no end that I can see.
So, if anyone is out there,
Just comunicate with me!