Tiger,Tiger, burning bright,
Doug took Margaret for a flight.
She didnít know quite what he planned,
And wouldnít know Ďtil they hit land.

"Iíve got you now!" our Douggie cried.
"Oh ,no you donít"! our Marg replied.
"We fueled up with some Kanga juice,
"Weíll have to stay here. Itís no use."

"Every timewe touch the ground,
"Weíll just keep bouncing, Iíll be bound."
"Just get me down"! our Marg did shout.
"Or I will have to just jump out"!

"You canít do that", our Doug said then.
"At least, not Ďtil I tell you when".
"Are both your straps done up real tight"?
And then he gave her quite a fright.

They looped and rolled around the sky.
And Margaret gave out quite a cry.
"Well, that was fun", she said at last.
"But it was over much too fast".

As Margaret said she felt no pain,
They got to do it all again.
And Margaret didnít have to jump,
Until they landed with a bump.

Doug brought them safely back to earth.
And Margaret thought the trip well worth.
Sheís flown on many planes since then,
But says her Tiger tripís a ten.