In 2008 The Royal Society of Saint George celebrated Trafalgar Day by getting together for a Champagne and Caviar Brunch on the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor. Although my original "Trafalgar Day" poem was printed on the back of our commemorative program, I felt that the occasion required its own special tribute.


This day we went to see the Queen.
And had a champagne brunch.
With caviar and salmon,
We all sat down for lunch.

To celebrate Trafalgar Day,
Was why we gathered there.
Aboard the ship Queen Mary,
It was a grand affair.

The Royal Society of Saint George,
All met here for a meal,
Maid Marion and Peter,
Arranged this sumptuous deal.

The champage kept on flowing;
We gave the Queen a toast,
That’s Queen Eizabeth, of course,
As if she were our host.

The Black Prince used the following words,
To raise his banner high.
France thinking we were brothers,
Never asked the question, “Why”?

“Honi soit qui mal y pense”
No truer words were wrought.
And we’d be speaking French today.
If Nelson hadn’t fought.

“Evil to him who evil thinks”,
A motto for us all.
For Napoleon’s thoughts were evil,
‘Til Nelson made him fall.

So we celebrate Trafalgar Day,
Each year from days long past.
And all us Brits salute him,
With these flags upon the mast.

And when we all had eaten,
We chatted for a while.
And then we walked around the deck,
It must have been a mile.

The flags that fluttered from the mast,
Were Nelson’s message plain.
“England Expects” was what it said.
We’re sure to come again.