This was written for the RSVP volunteers honored at the 2008 Awards Luncheon.


Each year we honor all those folks
That give their time for free.
They’re happy being volunteers.
It’s what they want to be.

They give their time so freely,
Through each and every day.
They always think of others,
No matter what they say.

They say that times are bad today.
Just take a look around.
There’s many a folk who needs a hand.
As R.S.V.P.’s found.

Our volunteers are spread so wide.
There’s nowhere they can’t go.
They’re there to give a helping hand,
To every Jane and Joe.

They keep so very busy.
It’s what they want to do.
Just helping out their neighbors,
And other people too.

Each year we honor special feats,
And tasks that they have done.
Throughout our wide community
They work while having fun.

They volunteer their minutes.
They volunteer their hours.
The things that they accomplish,
Spread the happiness like flowers.

We all rejoice for what they’ve done,
And try to do the same.
Their efforts help so many,
But they never ask for fame.

So we give thanks for all they’ve done,
They make us feel so proud.
For all that they’ve accomplished,
We applaud them all out loud!