Summary of Events
DRIFFIELD 1/6/42 . Operations ordered for seven crews.
Of the above crews six took off for a raid upon Krupp's Works at Essen. Considerable haze and large fires prevented accurate bombing but undoubtedly Krupp's Works were hit.
The under-mentioned missing from operations whilst on detachment at R.A.F. Station, Marston Moor (on 2nd June 1942):-
1169612 Sgt. HEDGER A.B. W/OP/AG
994359 Sgt. REID C.R. W/OP/AG

Weather :- Fair or fine becoming cloudy with chance of slight rain.
Visibiity :- 10-20 miles becoming 2-6 miles this afternoon.
Appendix "A"
Raid Nos.
182 - 187
Ops Order
No. 98.
Appendix "B"
1/6/42 .Notification received by signal from Air Ministry, Kingsway P. 4394 dated 29/5/42 as follows :-

"Telegrams from International Red Cross Committee quoting German information report
106129 P/O. Gates. AUS402563 Sgt. H.W. Betts. 544931 Sgt. G. Rees. NZ404447 F/Sgt. L. McKay and 683733 Sgt. W. Abbott Prisoners of War. Sgt. Abbott wounded. Kin informed."

Weather :- Fair. Visibility 10-20 miles.

Appendix "A"
Page 27 Raid
No. 150
Ops Order No. 92
F.540 Page 15
entry 29/4/42
3/6/42 . Squadron Commander to East Moor to arrange accomodation for personnel of 158 Squadron.
Weather :- Fine but hazy, local mist or fog at first, soon clearing. Visibility - 3 to 6 miles improving to 6 to 12 miles with 2 to 4 in lee of industrial areas. Patched locally 500 to 1,500 yards at first.
4/6/42 . First Sections left DRIFFIELD for EAST MOOR.
Aircrew to MARSTON MOOR. For conversion to Halifax aircraft.
Weather :- Fine, smoke haze near towns and industrial areas. Visibility :- Generally 10 to 20 miles but 2 to 6 in smoke haze.
5/6/42 . The following Sections left for EAST MOOR. :- EQUIPMENT, "B" FLIGHT, "M" FLIGHT.

1169612 Sgt. HEDGER A.B. now reported to be safe having been picked up at sea. Both legs broken.

6/6/42 . MAIN PARTY left DRIFFIELD for EAST MOOR. Date of Squadron movement is to-day.

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