'Bomber county' to get memorial More than 55,000 men from Bomber Command lost their lives.
A permanent memorial to commemorate the veterans of Bomber Command is to be unveiled after a 60-year campaign.
Veterans from Bomber Command have wanted a permanent memorial to mark the deaths of 55,000 RAF men who died during the war's bombing campaigns.

But questions over the ethics of bombing missions have prevented a memorial or medal until now.

A stone, carved by stonemasons at Lincoln Cathedral, will be dedicated to Bomber Command at a ceremony on Sunday. 'Long overdue' Former RAF navigator from 100 Squadron, 90-year-old Douglas Hudson, who is taking part in the dedication ceremony, said the memorial was long overdue.

"There has been no public recognition of Bomber Command and we have even been branded criminals by some people.
"I would invite anyone who feels like that to get into a confined space in a bomber then have the doors close on a flight that's five, six or seven hours long while people constantly try to bring you down.
"I think it's so important to have this memorial, as Lincolnshire was renowned during the war as Bomber County, so it is long overdue," Mr Hudson said.

(However, the dedication ceremony also provided the opportunity for some misguided fools to carry out a protest rally, as shown at this link).

Regardless, another tremendous memorial has now been erected in Green Park, London, and was dedicated in 2011. Here are some shots that were taken by Ian Porter at the beginning of August, 2012.