After our release on the 3rd May, 1945, F/Lt Jimmy Paxton and I commandeered a German Opel Police car. After meeting two British officers we swapped the Opel for two cameras (one with film loaded) and 3 Lugar type pistols.

F/Lt Jimmy Paxton & self with commandeered Police car after our release on 3rd May, '45.
(Taken with a confiscated camera & old pre-war film.)

After a visit to Luneberg town we were picked up by R.A.F. Police and taken in their jeep to Luneberg Aerodrome, where we were entertained in the Officers' mess to drinks and a meal. We were then driven back to the barracks where we slept on the floor in one of the German blocks. The next day we were driven in Army lorries to Diepoltz Aerodrome. That night I slept in a proper bed for the first time since being shot down in 1942. The next morning (7th May, 1945), American Dakotas flew us to Brussels and then from there we were flown by the R.A.F. in a Lancaster to R.A.F. Westcott, England. The Station Commander there was my old Squadron Commander, Gp/Capt Stevens!

Bording Dakotas to fly to Brussels

L to R: Wng/Cdr Hetty Hyde (my Block Commander); Barney Runicles;
Peter Waddington (& sword); and Paul Brickhill (author of "The Great Escape").

Waiting to board R.A.F. Lancaster NE120 at Brussels 7th May, 1945.

The Lancaster flew us to R.A.F. Westcott. We then went on to R.A.F. Cosford for DE-BRIEFING and DE-LOUSING.

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