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Ian as Trask Ian (R) and buddy
before the final
Ian (L) with members of
his patrol.
Inside the village
during the
final Battle
Behind the scenes at the Final Battle.

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The "Alamo" Bridge The church tower Ed Burns Jeremy Davies

Saving Private Ryan is a film directed by Steven Spielberg and starred popular names such as Tom Hanks, Edward Burns and Matt Damon. The film did very well in ticket sales and eventually went on to win several awards, being noted for its compelling storyline and capturing the realism of war. Shooting of the film took place across the UK, Ireland and France in various locations including London. ."

The following screen shots of Ian were obtained with permission from Robert Oliver via his Saving Private Ryan Online Encyclopedia site.
(This site is definitely well worth a visit as it contains a wealth of information about the film and the actual D-Day operation. It is jam-packed with photos, cast bios, plot details, interview clips, set diagrams, historic background, and other relevant web links; in fact, anything you ever wanted to know about the filming of "Saving Private Ryan" and the events and aftermath of D-Day).


The movie is still very popular today and can be found in stores and many collections. It also tends to on television from time to time