Summary of Events
EAST MOOR 7/6/42 . No. 158 Squadron established at East Moor. CONVERSION FLIGHT formed. .
.The Conversion Flight was established and flying training commenced at East Moor under S/Ldr. Wilkerson, D.F.C. There were still a number of aircrew however at Marston Moor who were carrying out their conversion training at the Station. The first night flying flight was made on June 17th and by that date the Squadron had reached an advanced state of training. Night flying practice was again carried out on June 20th.
Fourteen aircraft carried out air to air firing with 1484 T.T.Flight from Driffield on June 23rd-24th.
24/6/42 . Demonstration of Halifax Dinghy Drill carried out.
25/6/42 . Operations ordered for 14 aircraft. This included one aircraft from the Conversion Flight.
Weather :- Mainly cloudy. Risk of slight rain, otherwise fair. Visibility was over 10 miles except near towns.
Appendix "A"
Raid Nos. 188-198
Ops. Order No. 1
Appendix "B"
26/6/42 . Of the 14 aircraft detailed to attack BREMEN under Ops. Order No. 1 three failed to start owing to technical failures. Eleven took off for the raid but owing to 10/10ths. cloud over the Target Aea only one or two saw anything of the Target. A/C - "L" was badly shot up by an enemy fighter but managed to attack what is believed to be Oldenburg. It returned safely to base. A/C = "N" force landed in the sea off Scarborough owing to shortage of fuel. None of the crew was injured.
Altogether there were 1007 A/C and 53 Intruders operating.
Weather :- Mist patches locally at first otherwise fine, becoming fair to cloudy late this afternoon.
27/6/42 . Weather :- Mainly fair.
28/6/42 . Air to Air Firing carried out over Filey Range. Weather :-Mainly cloudy with slight local rain or drizzle at first.
29/6/42.Training and Cross Country Flights carried out. One aircraft carried out a night cross country flight. Weather :- Mainly fair.
30/6/42.Four details were arranged for night cross country flights, but these were cancelled owing to bad weather at the last moment. Circuits and bumps were carried out. W/Cdr. P. Stevens, DFC. proceeded on 48 hours leave. S/Ldr. Hewitt assumed command. Weather :- Mainly fair or cloudy. Vis. :- 3-6 miles

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