Family Picture The Porter Family

This photograph was taken at Christmas 1996.
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Links to student vacation accomodations and sports equipment are are included on some pages within "Pop's Progress","Frank Jones Secret War", "Don Hall's Story" and "Saving Private Ryan". See if you can find them.

Links on this Site: Pop's Progress My father's autobiography. (Including information and links to StalagLuft III and The Great Escape) Halifax Painting

Don Hall's Story Don was my father's Bomb Aimer. (Includes information on his time at the Lamsdorf POW camp and his attempted escapes). Duisberg Raid painting

Frank Jones
"Secret War"
Frank is my step-mother's brother, He served on MGBs transporting agents across the Channel into occupied France and picking up escapers and evacuees during WWII.

Saving Private Ryan Some candid shots from Ian's time
filming "Saving Private Ryan".
Film shot
PoemsSome of my poems and rhymes.
British Tokens A brief history of British Tokens with several examples.Token

Music Hall Songs Words and Music to many of the songs of the British Music Hall Barker
Old Postcards Some Really Old Postcards from the early 1900s Postcard
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