Desk JockeyAfter I got back from this welcome spot of leave, I was sent on a rehabilitation course and a posting to Transport Command Head Quarters. It was here that I had a real barney with a Sqdn. Officer WRAF (hadn't met the breed before) who was in charge of P2 Section. She sat on a rostrum looking down on three desks; two were occupied by Flt. Lt's and was I to assume that the third one was for me????? No thank you! My one desire was to get back to flying as quickly as possible!

After a phone call had been made to Air Ministry I was hurriedly posted to P2 Section at 4 Group H.Q. to await the release that I had demanded on being told that I couldn't go back to flying again for at least two years. Fortunately the A.O.C. took a different view after listening to my tale of woe and, thanks to those concerned, I was posted back to flying the very next day. Some weeks later I flew down to C.F.S. for a check on my Instructor Category. This proved out O.K. and I was promoted to Sqdn.Ldr. (backdated to before I was shot down but without back pay).

In 1947, at the age of 34, I accepted a Permanent Commission and was posted to Syerston on Dakotas. Later that year my Unit was moved to Netheravon with "Wings" Day as my Commanding Officer. During this period I carried out a demonstration Supply Drop on the Rock of Gibralter.

Dakotas on Gibralter
On Gibralter

I also did several trips on the Berlin Airlift.
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