Camp plan
My Plan of Stalagluft III (From the diary supplied by the Red Cross).
I was originally housed in East Camp, then moved to Room 3, Block 103, North Camp, in March, 1943

A more detailed plan of the camp
showing the tunnel locations.
(Rotated 180 degrees)
Extracted from my Red X Diary.
Camp photo Photo of Sagan taken by an RAF Mosquito in late 1944 (re-oriented to match the sketch). My hut, Block 103, is on the extreme right of the North Camp and second from the bottom. The "Great Escape" tunnel started in Block 104 (one hut up from mine), and came out near the compound by the edge of the woods to the right of the photograph. The railway station can also be seen to the right.

[This photo was supplied by Harold Daniel whose father, Capt. Harold E. Daniel (USAF), was also a prisoner at Sagan. Regarding his unit and mission: He was a fighter pilot with the 351st Fighter Squadron of the 353rd Fighter Group stationed at Raydon in England. On 3 Oct 44, he was not scheduled to fly but volunteered to take a P-51, which had just become operational, on the Group's first all Mustang mission. The mission was bomber escort, primary target Wurzburg, secondary Nuremburg. The aircraft engine failed and he was forced to bail out over Belgium which is how he ended up in Sagan].

Click HERE to see some detailed plans of the camp.

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