camp moneyBy agreement of the Geneva Convention, I understand that Camp Money was issued during the first year of the war and used to purchase such things as soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes etc. However, it was worthless during my period in the camp and I didn't see any until just before we were force-marched in 1944 when the enemy dished it out again. Most of it was lost, except for a few examples kept as souveniers (such as the ones in my log book).

Although the notes were issued in accordance with the requirements of the Geneva Convention, an "equivalent" amount was deducted from our service pay that was being sent to our families by the British Government in England. We also had a sort of shop, called "FOODACCO" where we could sell and trade for items of unwanted clothing etc. I remember being able to buy a watch from an American, who was in our room for a short time, in exchange for eight half-pound bars of chocolate. However, I'm afraid that seven of the bars are still owing as he was moved from our compound before I received another parcel from home!

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